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dungbrains's Journal

12 April 1991
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The luck to win...

Name: ルー
Name (romaji): Lou
Profession: Student (in Audio-visual)
Birthdate: 1991-April-12
Birthplace: 13th, Paris, France
Height: 166cm
Weight: too fat
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: A+
Family: One older brother, one younger brother, and one younger sister
...will reach your heart...

♪ Hard-core KAT-TUN fan
♪ Lives for Akame
♪ Is deeply hardly irrevocably in love with Kamenashi Kazuya
♪ Cries for anything
♪ Is moved by lots of things
♪ Always wants to see the good in everything & everyone
♪ Spends loads of money in KAT-TUN goods
♪ Can't wait to properly learn Japanese
♪ Wants to live in Japan
...and soul

I'm always glad to meet new people from everywhere in the world especially when we love the same things. So feel free to add me - if you think we'll get on well AND talk together. Please, NO random adding. Really, you don't need to have a long huge big F-list to feel better !

If you're afraid of fangirs, picspams, hysterical reactions. Please, for your own sake, go NOW.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ♥